A downloadable game

Player movement is wasd and e to pick up/interact - Can interact with levers, and pick up skulls to place in cauldron of boss

Arrow keys to move camera

Currently when building a dungeon have not implemented a "check". Meaning if you completely block off treasure/stairs/the boss with walls the game will not progress/crash, meaning no victory.

The player has 5 actions

The boss has a single action on a spell, or skip, spells use a skull, and skulls can be swapped for a treasure at the merchant

Heroes will increase in number per gold stash and gain levels if leave the dungeon

When building, click the object to place and left click to place, right click to remove, must be selected on the same unit to remove such as selected wall to remove a wall.

Currently its bare bones and clunky, it was made to teach myself pathfinding from scratch, and other relevant skills to game making. 


HeartOfEvilDemo.zip 24 MB

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